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Deep violet linen cross-back gardening apron with big pockets. Size 1 for a person with hip measurements up to 100 cm/ 39.37 inches (Eu sizes 34 - 40).

Designed for the urban gardener but works great in the kitchen as well. This linen garden apron could be a good gift for a passionate gardener and cherisher of everyday life.

Linen is a breathable fabric, which makes it the perfect gardening clothing material for hot weather conditions. On hot days it makes you feel cooler, fast absorb wet and dries out fast too. It's one of the most sustainable and earth-friendly fabrics - durable and biodegradable.

  • Two huge side pockets and two smaller front pockets with coconut buttons closure.
  • Two wide straps crossing at the back (three loops each) button-ups with coconut buttons at the back to find the best fit for you.
  • Short, about the mini-length apron.
  • There are two loops at the apron's bottom corners that convert it into an extra huge pocket to bring some unlooked-for garden harvest home.
  • A hanging hook on the inner side - keep your apron handy
  • 100% linen. Natural, medium to heavy weight, pre-washed material. Double layer at the chest area.

Care: For the best results - hand wash. Also machine delicate wash, gently wring and leave to dry (do not use a dryer). Iron wet, the wrong side out.

The stains can be wiped off with soap and bile before washing. Wash the garment inside out, wring it out gently and hang it out to dry. It is better not to dry it in the dryer, although the flax gets softer in the dryer,  it may also shrink too much and form unremunerated wrinkles.

Deep violet linen cross-back apron. Size 34-40. Short harvest apron with braces.


This item is ready and will be shipped in 1 - 2 business days after you place an order.

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