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Wear what You need. Wear what You feel. Feel good.

VIKSVOS means sedges in Lithuanian, my native language. It’s very modest, simple but also incredibly graceful and quietly splendid steadfast grass. VIKSVOS is about inner beauty, simplicity and charm in it.


SIMPLE wear. Simpleness leaves space for the personality. Simpleness is easy to wear. VIKSVOS it’s simple cut clothes. Simple things are beautiful. Less is more. Simple cuts are just simply more comfortable.


NATURAL wear. Natural textile is reliable, healthy tradition to make clothing from, tested through ages. Linen, cotton, flax, viscose, etc. - it is Nature’s gifts to our bodies.

Natural linen is one of the favorite VIKSVOS clothing materials. There are so many Lithuanian folk songs about flax – we do not grow flax ourselves now, but we still can feel those songs in our souls when wearing the linen clothes...

In hot days linen clothes make you feel cool and fresh, in colder days they warm you. Linen is highly absorbent and also dries fast, that makes it so comfortable to wear. It is non-allergic, antistatic, has antifungal, antibacterial features, that is so perfect for sensitive skin. Linen becomes softer and brighter when using, it is also very flexible and gets the form of Your body shape. It‘s ecological - fully degradable material.


FUNCTIONAL wear. Clothing is our outer skin, it is what protect us, what helps us to be at the moment. VIKSVOS wear is created firstly to be comfortable for active kids and grownups. Breathable fabrics, functional details, comfy fits give freedom to move. Sometimes all You want from a dress are pockets!


RETRO. Tradition is where our roots are in. Recalling some specific details, and silhouettes from the past gives new meanings to the wardrobe. VIKSVOS is about personality and consciousness. It’s also about empowering femininity. Recalling some traditionally feminine elements, blending them with functionality and modern needs may unfold to something specifically womanly and inspiring.


RESPONSIBILITY. Conscious consumption is so very important. Wear and buy only what You really need. VIKSVOS clothes are made by one person's loving hands after the order is placed. I’m always glad to make some personal adjustments so the clothes would meet specific users’ wishes. Simple, functional, and slightly retro VIKSVOS designs are meant to be worn for a long time. Materials are durable yet mostly biodegradable.

All the materials and supplies are coming from responsible producers and suppliers based in Lithuania. To minimize waste I use all the fabric scraps and leftovers from making clothes to make small accessories.

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