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Gardener’s clothing or why you need to feel beautiful in the garden

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Winter festivities pass and Christmas trees are already undecorated but then, when it seems the real winter begins, pots with earth are immediately found on the windowsills of gardening fanatics' houses. They can't return from the store without another packet of seeds. And it's when the real Nordic gardening season begins - with windowsill gardening.

Yes, there is someone who starts sowing already in January... It is one of the better things in the dark winter, bringing lots of joy, to see how a strong, green, and alive plant grows from the barely visible grain, with added care and attention. As the earth warms, gardeners often postpone other things, rush to move, loosen the soil, and pour out the seeds. The excitement is experienced after sowing the bed and looking at the flat surface of the ground, where the greenery will soon sprout. And that is often difficult for non-gardeners to understand. Gardening is now primarily a therapy and hobby, an activity that brings peace back to a tense mind and feelings, brings us closer to the origins of life, and gives that feeling of “grounding”.

Gardener's apron

Inclusive gardening should not be hampered by awkward or inappropriate clothing, or fear of smearing. Plants need varied and constant care throughout the season. When you return from work in the evening, one of the greatest pleasures is to water your gardens and flowers in the yard, so it is especially convenient when there is a long apron on hand to protect your feet and "urban" clothes. The apron should have a loop for convenient storage - hanging somewhere at hand towards the garden.


A particularly important ritual for gardeners is the evening "bypassing" of their lands. Unbelievable, but there are news every day in the same flower garden - fragrant flower buds have spread, and developed, peas ripen, and perfectly sized zucchini grown. Tomatoes have grown suckers in "armpits" again, and cucumbers will be overgrown tomorrow. Therefore, garden clothes must have pockets - large and roomy for the secateurs, garden gloves,

and mature cucumber; as well as smaller ones for carrying small items - seed packs, cords, and staples; and, most importantly, a safe pocket for your phone - because taking pictures is usually needed here and now.

Harvest apron

In the second half of the short summer, the gardens begin to actively thank the gardener - the evening ritual exit quickly fills their hands with goodies, so I really like the possibility of turning the garden apron into a harvest apron. Attaching the corners of the VIKSVOS apron forms a large pocket - for apples, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and something else that was not thought of when you left the house and that will be definitely added to the family dinner that day.

Non - restrictive and natural

When working in the garden for a long time, clothes must not restrict movement, slip down, or rise. Therefore, when wearing a skirt or dress in the garden, the extended bottom is very comfortable - one will not have to inspect the gardener's underwear while bending. When weeding at ground level it is better when the waist does not tighten into the body, so I choose loose, loose-fitting, belt-free clothing. I especially like overalls and skirt overalls with bib and suspenders. On a hot day, it is worth not forgetting to cover your shoulders and hands from the active sun, wear natural fabrics, and "breathable" clothes, and of course complete the image with a wide-brimmed hat that protects not only the face but also the ears and shoulders from sunburn.

Creators clothing

Of course, in the garden, as at home, you can wear all the outdated clothes you no longer want to wear while going out. Not fashionable jeans, a short T-shirt, and a shrunken sweater - they of course also deserve to be worn. However, the feeling of wearing comfortable, functional, and beautiful clothes when planting will be completely different. After all, it matters whether you feel good, beautiful, proper, and comfortable, even when working in dirty but beloved jobs. Feeling good and confident in all your activities is important primarily for yourself and your inner self, which often still shrinks, unexpectedly asked what value you are adding to your life.

Gardening, housework, and all this constant creation of everyday life is no less valuable creative activity than other artistic activities, but still not properly valued. Therefore, it is worth starting with yourself to value your time and efforts to create an environment and feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in this activity.

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