Linen face mask. 3 sizes. Many colors.

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Protect others when in public spaces – wear a stylish, handmade, natural linen face mask.

  • 3 layers of linen cloth. Linen is highly absorbent material and also dries fast. It has antifungal, antibacterial features, is quite dense, but also quite easy to breath thrue fabric.
  • Flexible nose strip. Use both hands to regulate the binding bridge on the nose.
  • Elastic ear straps.

There are three sizes:

1 – adult men (the biggest one)

2 – adult women and teenagers (medium one)

3 – children (small one)

Linen face mask offers a limited protection – can act as a barrier against influenza or help limit spread by a person with symptoms. Additional preventive measures must be used.

Wear face mask no longer than 2-3 hours, then wash it with sope. Linen face mask can be desinfected in a boiling water for several minutes (or machine washed on 60-90 °C/140-194°F). Gentle wring and leave to dry (do not use dryer), iron from inside (best while damp) before next use.



Face mask size

1 – adult men, 2 – adult women or teenagers, 3 – children

Linen colour

Brown, Dark grey, Grey, Lavender violet, Black, Coral, Dark blue, Earth yellow, Green, Light blue, Light green, light grey, Pink, Red, Tan, Teal, Terracotta, White


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